Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Olympic Dinosaurs

Better late than never I suppose, catching up on earlier labs from this year... Our Second Lab at St. Mary's Elementary school was Olympic themed being that the winter olympics were under way at the time. For this lab we observed the students doing locomotor skills such as running, galloping, and hopping through the activities that our PED 201 class created. It was a great opportunity to see how well the students could perform the tasks at their young age, as well as get our first experiences working with the children.

Our Third Lab at St. Mary's had a dinosaur theme to it. The gymnasium group did a great job running their activity considering their limited space and large number of children. When it came to my group I was down a member and attempted to try to run my activities on my own, but that proved to be more difficult than I thought! However, with the help of Dr. Yangs sub for the day Nicole, I was able to regain control and run through the activities much smoother.

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  1. Yes, St. Mary's School is a great place to learn. It helps plan for all different types of situations that you could find yourself in which is very important as a Physical Education Teacher.