Sunday, April 18, 2010

St. Mary's got a friend in me!

LAB 5 was a great success at St. Mary's last Wednesday! Our class assessed students on their abilility to kick and bounce a ball. We started with some fun variations of soccer which really got the students to elevate their heart rates while having fun, which was great to see. Afterwards it was my groups turn to work with the Pre-K students outside which was a blast!

I brought the students together and read a short story called "The Shadow Game" which was about Woody and his friends who go camping and make shadow puppets alongside the campfire. The students liked it so much that they made me read it again! After the story we helped move them inside for snack time. Right after snack time we then moved them down to the cafeteria where my partner and I prepared various Toy Story characters for them to color as well as sheriff badge and rocketship name badges for them to wear. Then came the fun part, my game! I created a Mr. Potato Head relay which not only interested the Pre K students, but also brought some older students over to participate as well! Students would dribble a ball down to the Mr. Potato Head pieces, place the ball down, stick the piece in the correct spot and then roll the ball down to the next member in their line who would complete the same task. It was a very close race between Team Woody and Team Buzz which helped the students to really get into the game and try their best, which made all of my preparations and efforts well worth it. We closed the day with a shouting contest set up by another group, between the brown eyed team woody and the blue eyed team buzz, which was a lot of fun too. Reflecting on LAB 5 I feel very accomplished and proud of the work I have done. I have come a long way from our first few LABs and I look foward to improving even more as my experience grows too.

Here are some other photos from our Toy Story theme at St. Marys that day!

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  1. When your game is good enough to attract the older children you know that it is successful. That is a great goal to have for every lab.